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In 2016, a group of like-minded individuals from New York's North Country region gathered together to bring NY's version of the Next Generation Science Standards into our pK-12 classrooms.

The North Country 3D Science Café blog was created to house resources such as example lessons and unit planning templates. The 3D Science Café Team offers PD in 3-dimensional teaching and learning congruent with NYSSLS and NGSS*.

We believe in professional learning opportunities FOR teachers, BY teachers.

Meet our team of educators and connect with us:

Twitter: @3DScienceCafe

Keep updated on our blogspot: http://northcountrynyssls.blogspot.com/

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Start here to familiarize yourself with the NGSS (national) or NYSSLS (NY State) science standards.

3D Lesson Design

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We've created and curated amazing planning templates, student guides, and exemplar lessons and units to help you from the beginning of your journey to the end.