3D Lesson Design

Finding a Phenomenon:

Performance Expectations:

PE's, often referred to as "the Standards" incorporate all 3 dimensions.

The Three Dimensions of NGSS:

Science and Engineering Practices

SEP's: these are always BLUE in the standards

Disciplinary Core Ideas

DCI's, or "the Content": these are always ORANGE in the standards

Crosscutting Concepts

CCC's or 3C's: these are always GREEN in the standards

From Phenomenon to 3D Lesson:

Paul Andersen's Scientific Inquiry Cycle brings teachers from choosing an interesting phenomenon to driving student engagement with all three dimensions of the lesson. Head to the Wonder of Science website's "Teaching" section to see in detail all five steps of the process for writing an inquiry lesson.

Evaluating Lessons

Evaluate NYSSLS/NGSS lessons in development by using this Lesson Screener fillable PDF form.