About the Café

The 3D Science Café was established in 2016 to help bring the New York State Science Learning Standards to the classrooms of NYS. We are all experienced classroom science teachers and have a wealth of experience with NYSSLS / NGSS and 3-dimensional teaching and learning.

Visit our North Country 3D Science Café blog to see our resources and featured lessons.

Contact Sarah Fink for more information on how we can help you in your quest to transition to 3D teaching and learning: Sarah.3dsciencecafe@gmail.com

Teachers teaching Teachers

Cookie Barker (founder)

NYS Master Teacher30 years experience - Biology - Chemistry - Retired - Schroon LakeSTANYS Service AwardNABT- Outstanding Biology Teacher Award

Sarah Fink

NYS Master Teacher17 years experienceEarth Science - Forensics - 5-8 ScienceJohnsburg CSDSTANYS Service Award

Charlene Rydgren

NYS Master Teacher29 years experiencePhysics-Math - Malone CSDEmpire State Excellence in Teaching AwardSTANYS Award of Appreciation

Rebecca Shuman

NYS Master Teacher15 years experienceMiddle School Science Saranac CSDSTANYS Section DirectorNational Board Certified Teacher

Sonal Patel-Dame

NYS Master Teacher9 years experienceChemistry-BiologySTANYS SAR -Chemistry - Plattsburgh CSDEmpire State Excellence in Teaching Award - NSTA, AACT, ACS

Sarah Silvernail

M.A.T, M.S.ENYS Master Teacher11 years experienceSTANYS Subject Area RepresentativeLiteracy Specialist Elementary Teacher: Schroon Lake CSD

Kaitlin Fielder

NYS Master Teacher12 years experienceEarth ScienceBoquet Valley CSDSTANYS Subject Area Representative - Earth Science

Kathleen Howard

9 years experienceDiverse background in Pharmacology, Biology, and Applied Health SciencesPlattsburgh CSDSTANYS Secretary, Biology SAR

Sandra Wilkins

20 years experienceIntermediate ScienceSpecial EducationSaranac CSDSTANYS Special Education SAR